About Us

At Waterside  we offer quality services based on more than four decades of experience and innovation in the media and publishing industry. We have an eclectic mix of people and endeavour to ensure that total customer satisfaction is achieved in every department. Every task is handled with passion, zeal and professionalism! We have been operating and abiding by this motto since Waterside was established and have been appropriately rewarded a rapid growth rate.

Whether you seek to establish a clear and strong corporate identity for your business using stationary, merchandising and advertising or you require the gap between your business and its niche audience bridged, Waterside is at your disposal with creative, dynamic, flexible and excellent value for money services.


Born in Portsmouth, Maurice is the Director and founder of Portsmouth Life and Waterside publications. Given his more than 40 years of experience and his printing and sales skills, he provides the company with all the knowledge and know-how achieved within his wide and fruitful career. He is the heart of Portsmouth Life and Waterside. Maurice is an apprentice served lithographic printer with years of experience in the printing industry, encompassing production, estimating, finishing, sales and marketing, management and business skills.